PLEX Channel for Roku

If you own a Roku and have at least one computer in your house, than you must get the PLEX channel for Roku. By using PLEX, you can add a ton of new content and features to your Roku device and it won’t cost you any money at all.

Installing PLEX on Roku

To get PLEX, you will need to install the PLEX Media Server on a computer that is on the same network as your Roku. Basically, if the Roku and computer are in the same building, they will probably be on the same network. Download the version of PLEX for your computer and then install it. Once installed, you should let PLEX scan your computer for media to be shared. You can tell it exactly what folders to scan if you prefer.

The next step is to get the PLEX Channel for Roku and verify that your media shares are showing up. If you see them, then you are almost ready to go. If you want to try streaming some video or music files, it should work. However, there is more to be done if you want to take full advantage of this great application.

Stream Your Own Media

With the PLEX channel for Roku, you can stream your own media to your television. This includes music, video, and photos. If you already have a large digital media collection, just point PLEX to the location and it will add them to your library. A cool feature is that it will also download and album art for the digital media files so you can find it easily when browsing through your collection.

PLEX Plug-ins Unlock All New Channels

With PLEX, there are files called plug-ins that can be installed. These are essentially the same as Roku channels but they are only accessible from within the PLEX channel. So now, you have access to a lot of channels not found in the Roku channel store. The most popular plug-in and probably the most useful is the YouTube plug-in. Since Roku does not have an official YouTube channel, this is the best alternative and it works perfect.

Always Available

Unlike some Roku private channels, the PLEX channel is an official channel and therefore it is unlikely that it will ever get pulled. In the past, there have been channels that get removed because Roku receives takedown notices. This was the case with the popular Video Buzz channel that allowed people to access YouTube. With PLEX, the only way it will go down is if your computer running the PLEX media server gets turned off.

Completely Free

The best part about all this is that it is completely free. You can download PLEX free of charge, and the Roku channel is free. Technically, you wouldn’t even need internet since it is all streamed throughout your home network but what fun would Roku be without internet.

Share Your Thoughts

If you are currently using the PLEX channel for Roku or are looking for more information, make sure to leave a comment in the discussion area below.


  • Jonathon

    Great post, I checked out PLEX and got it installed. At first it was a little confusing but is now working perfectly. Is there any way for the plex plugins to show up in the roku channel list on the dashboard? That is really all that is missing right now.

    • Free Roku Channels

      Thanks Jonathon. Unfortunately, PLEX plug-ins are only accessible from within the PLEX channel. Maybe a future release will add that functionality.

  • we are looking to get roku ,and my concern is that my wife likes the local channels like ABC NBC & CBS ,ETC are we going to be able to watch those stations ? and I like movies old and new THX RG

  • benny gurule

    hopeing I will enjoy plex.

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