List of Free Roku Channels

After receiving numerous requests, we are happy to announce the release of a current list of Free Roku Channels. The channels listed below have not been tested in every region, however they are available in the United States of America. If you find that a channel on this list is not free, please let us know so that it can be flagged for removal.

Channel Name Genre/Category
911 Special Interest
100.3 The Sound LA Music
24-7 Horror Channel Free Movies & TV
30a TV Internet TV
316TV Religion & Spirituality
3ABN Religion & Spirituality
50Places To See Before You Die Photos & Video
700 ESPN Sports
8 News NOW – KLAS-TV News & Weather
8ctave HD News & Weather
A Diff Flip Clock Screensavers & Apps
A Supreme Court Audio Stream News & Weather Music
ACC Digital Network Sports
Accent Radio Network Special Interest
AccuRadio Music
ACE Broadcasting Internet TV
Adam Curry’s Big App Show Internet TV
ADC Movies & TV
Addictive Fishing Sports
Adventure To Fitness Kids & Family
Africa Live International
AFTV Religion & Spirituality Special Interest Special Interest
Air1 Radio Religion & Spirituality
Al Mouridiyyah Television Religion & Spirituality
Alien Worlds Screensavers & Apps
Aliens and UFOs Channel Special Interest
All Fitness TV Fitness & Outdoors
All HipHop,R&B and Urban Music Music
All Nations TV Religion & Spirituality
AlloyTV Internet TV Food
Almavision Religion & Spirituality
Altar TV Music
Always Summer TV Kids & Family
Amazing Discoveries TV Religion & Spirituality
America’s Survival News & Weather
American Family Association Religion & Spirituality
American Freedom Radio Special Interest
American Pop Movies & TV
American Primetime TV Movies & TV
American Primetime TV Free Movies & TV
AMGTV Movies & TV
Andrew Wommack Ministries Religion & Spirituality
Anglican Churches Religion & Spirituality
Angry Birds Toons Internet TV
Anime Vice Movies & TV
Animoto Photos & Video
AnyClip Movies & TV
AOL On Internet TV
AOPA Live Special Interest
Aquarium Screensaver Screensavers & Apps
Ark Discovery International Religion & Spirituality
ArmchairTourist Screensavers & Apps
artcast Photos & Video
Ashanti TV Network News & Weather
Asian Crush Movies & TV
Assemblies of God Religion & Spirituality
Atlanta Channel Travel
Audio Crush Music
Autism Live Kids & Family
AwareChannels Internet TV
BabyFirstTV Kids & Family
Back Street Radio Music
Baeble Music Music
Baptist Churches Religion & Spirituality
Baseball Drills & Tips Library Sports
Baseball Drills & Tips Lite Sports
Basketball Drills & Tips Sports
Basketball Drills & Tips Lite Sports
Bazillions TV Kids & Family
Beach TV – Panama City Beach Travel
Beach TV – The Emerald Coast Travel
Beach TV – The Grand Strand Travel
Beacon Three 33 Networks Internet TV
BeautyTV Special Interest
Behind the Brand Special Interest
Bethel Tabernacle Religion & Spirituality
Beyond Today Television Religion & Spirituality
BHN Movies & TV
Bible Discovery TV Network Religion & Spirituality
Bible Explorations Religion & Spirituality
Bible Screen Religion & Spirituality
BibleInteract Religion & Spirituality Religion & Spirituality
Big Head Entertainment Music
Big Media TV Movies & TV
Billy Graham Television Religion & Spirituality
BIMC Special Interest
Blastro Music
blinkx Internet TV
blinkx Beat Internet TV Internet TV home Kids & Family tech Science & Technology
Blockwave Preview Screensavers & Apps
Blockwave Screensaver Screensavers & Apps
Bloody Valley Films TV Movies & TV
Blubrry Podcast Community Special Interest
Body By Vi Challenge Fitness & Outdoors
BoneyardTV Religion & Spirituality
Book Marc Special Interest
Book Stew Special Interest
Break – Funny Videos & Pics Internet TV
Bridges TV Internet TV
Brookwood Church Religion & Spirituality
BTBN Religion & Spirituality
butterscotch Science & Technology
Buzz and Biz Special Interest
Bwatla! by Haiti Live Networks International
BYUtv Movies & TV
Cafe Noir Movies & TV
CalendarStream Screensavers & Apps
Calvary Chapel Religion & Spirituality
Calvary Chaple Vero Beach Religion & Spirituality
Calvary Hanford Religion & Spirituality
Calvary Presbyterian Church Religion & Spirituality
Campus Insiders Sports
CareerDashTV Special Interest
Cartoon Club Kids & Family
Cartoon Keepsakes Movies & TV
CatholicTV Network Religion & Spirituality
CBN TV Religion & Spirituality
CBS News News & Weather Sports
CCM Religion & Spirituality
Central Online TV Religion & Spirituality
CF Worship LIVE Religion & Spirituality
Chapelwood UMC Religion & Spirituality
Chinese Food Food
CHNNETWORK News & Weather
Chow Food
Christ Clubhouse Channel Kids & Family
Christian Life Center Religion & Spirituality
Christian Life Ministry Religion & Spirituality
Christian Video Pix Religion & Spirituality
Chucky Talks To God… Internet TV
Church For All Nations Religion & Spirituality
Church of God Religion & Spirituality
Church On The Rock Religion & Spirituality
Church On Video Religion & Spirituality
Cinema Libre Movies & TV
Cinematio Movies & TV
CJC Movies & TV
Classic Albums Music
Classic Westerns Movies & TV
Clever Clocks Screensaver Screensavers & Apps
cLife Religion & Spirituality
CLOC Screensavers & Apps
Cloud Movies Movies & TV
Clubbing TV HD Music
CNBC News & Weather
CNET Science & Technology
College Humor Internet TV
ColumbusState Television Internet TV
ComedyTime Internet TV
Comic Vine Internet TV
Community Bible Church Religion & Spirituality
Community Media News & Weather
Congressional Video Stream News & Weather
Cook Food
Couchy Play Photos & Video
Courier Times News & Weather
Cowboy Classics Movies & TV
Cowger Network News & Weather
Cox7 Arizona Internet TV
Crackle Movies & TV
Crn Digital Talk Radio Special Interest Religion & Spirituality
Crowded Now Internet TV
Cruise Addicts Travel
Crunchyroll Movies & TV
Cryptic Television Movies & TV
CS50 Science & Technology
CSB Connections News & Weather
Cult Radio A-Go-Go! – CRAGG Movies & TV
Cultorama Movies & TV
Cute Captions Screensavers & Apps
CYC – Christian Youth Channel Religion & Spirituality
Daily Grape Food
Daily Living TV Network Religion & Spirituality
Dailymotion Internet TV
DANCE 120 Religion & Spirituality Record Radio News & Weather
David Oyedepo Ministries TV Religion & Spirituality
Day of Discovery Religion & Spirituality
Daystar Television Network Religion & Spirituality
Del Sol Church Religion & Spirituality
Democracy Now News & Weather
DerbyCon Science & Technology
Destination Caribbean Tv Travel
Destiny TV Religion & Spirituality
Destiny TV Free Religion & Spirituality
DGM TV Religion & Spirituality
direcSHOP Television Special Interest
Discover Video Live Special Interest
DISHWorld International
DishWorld Malayalam International
Disney Movies & TV
DittyTV Music
DLE International
Docurama Movies & TV
Dorado Films Movies & TV
Dr. Bill Bailey.NET NETcasts Internet TV
Dr. Leroy Thompson TV Religion & Spirituality
DramaFever International
Drinks Food
Drive-In Classics Movies & TV
DriveCast Photos & Video
DS video Photos & Video
Earbits Radio Music
EastLake Church Religion & Spirituality
Ebru TV Movies & TV
Ed Young TV Religion & Spirituality
EDM DJ’s Music
El Sonido de la Unidad Religion & Spirituality
El Sonido de la Unidad Music
Elevation Church Religion & Spirituality
Elevation Church Religion & Spirituality
Entertainment Tonight Movies & TV
Eulive Media International
euronews News & Weather
Evangel Temple Religion & Spirituality
evox Television Internet TV
EWTN Global Catholic Network Religion & Spirituality
F Y D O Movies & TV
Family Fun by blinkx Kids & Family
Family TV Kids & Family
FamilyFunFlix Movies & TV
Fandango Movies & TV
Fastpitch Softball TV Sports
FFTV Kids & Family
Film Movement Movies & TV
Fireflies Screensaver Free Screensavers & Apps
FirstRunTV Network Movies & TV
FisHi Screensavers & Apps
Fitness Magazine Fitness & Outdoors
FitYou Fitness & Outdoors
Flickr Photos & Video
FlickStream TV Movies & TV
Flixsie Movies & TV
Flixster Movies & TV
Floating Circles Screensavers & Apps
Flock TV Religion & Spirituality
Florida Education Channel Special Interest
Florida’s Visitor Network Travel
FNC Disconnected Internet TV
Focus Rally: America Special Interest
Focus Reality TV Movies & TV
Football Drills & Tips Library Sports
Football Drills & Tips Lite Sports
Founding Word Religion & Spirituality
Fox Business Network News & Weather
Fox News Channel News & Weather
Fox News Channel Movies & TV
FOX NOW Movies & TV
Frazer TV Religion & Spirituality
Free Speech TV News & Weather
FrightPIX Movies & TV
Frogpants Studios Ultra Feed Special Interest
From The Pulpit-FBC Ringgold Religion & Spirituality
FTW TV Internet TV
FunSaver Screensavers & Apps
GandK KidPaint Kids & Family
GauntletTV Music
Gay Life TV Internet TV
GeekGamer.TV Internet TV
Gem Shopping Network Special Interest
Georgian Public Broadcaster International
Get CONNected Special Interest
GFEM Network TV Free Religion & Spirituality
Giant Bomb Internet TV
Glenville New Life Religion & Spirituality
Global-TV Network International
GlobeTrotterTV Travel
GOAHEAD MISSION INC Religion & Spirituality
GOD TV Religion & Spirituality
God’s Learning Channel Religion & Spirituality
GoDigital Movies & TV
Gospel Broadcasting Network Religion & Spirituality
Granger Community Church Religion & Spirituality
Gravitas Movies Movies & TV
Great Chefs Food
Guys From Queens Science & Technology
Haiti TV Network International
Hal Brady Ministries Religion & Spirituality
Hamilton County Television Movies & TV
HappyKids Kids & Family
Harvest Eating Food
Harvest Greg Laurie Religion & Spirituality
HAVitTV Special Interest
Havoc Televison Music
Headlines by blinkx News & Weather
Healthcasts Science & Technology
HealthiNation Fitness & Outdoors
HealthSmart Special Interest
Healthy Food Food
Heart of the Spirit Religion & Spirituality
HERO Special Interest
HGGWN Christian IPTV Cable Religion & Spirituality
HisChannel Religion & Spirituality
Hockey Drills & Tips Library Sports
Hola NY HD Music
Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Movies & TV
Hollywood Outlaw Comedy Free Movies & TV
Hollywood Ticker Internet TV
Hometown Television Movies & TV
Honor Movies & TV
HooplaKidz Rhymes Kids & Family
Hope Channel Religion & Spirituality
Horoscopes by Kelli Fox Special Interest
HostArmor Science & Technology
Hot Gossip by blinkx Internet TV
House of Horrors Movies & TV Religion & Spirituality
How To Earn Money TV Special Interest
Howdini Internet TV
HRN On-Demand TV Religion & Spirituality
HRN On-Demand TV Religion & Spirituality
HSN Internet TV
HuffPost Live News & Weather
Hunt365.TV Fitness & Outdoors
Hypnosis TV Special Interest
Ideas in Action Special Interest
iDefine TV Internet TV Special Interest
iFameTV Music
iflixtv Lite Movies & TV
iflixtv Pro Movies & TV
iFood.TV Food
IFSM TV Religion & Spirituality Special Interest
IGN Internet TV Religion & Spirituality
iHeartRadio Music
Impact Radio Network Religion & Spirituality
Indian Food Food
Indie Crush Movies & TV
IndiMusicTV Free Music
Innovative Language – English Special Interest
Inspiration TV Religion & Spirituality
InspireOne Music
Instant Watch Browser LITE Screensavers & Apps
IPBTV Religion & Spirituality
iPoint Cable Religion & Spirituality
iPoint TV Religion & Spirituality Special Interest
It’s Relevant News & Weather
Italian Food Food
ITProTV Science & Technology
ITV Channels International
ITV Cinema – Italy on Demand Movies & TV Food
JagTV Movies & TV
JDRF.TV Special Interest
Jerusalem Channel Religion & Spirituality
Jesus For Sinners Religion & Spirituality
Jesus Live Network Religion & Spirituality
Jewelry Television Special Interest
Jewish Family Channel Internet TV
Jewish Life Television Religion & Spirituality
Jewish Voice – Jonathan Bernis Religion & Spirituality
Jim Harold’s Paranormal Radio Special Interest
Jim Richards TV – Impact TV Religion & Spirituality
JoCo Radio Music
Jonathan Bird’s Blue World Kids & Family
Joyce Meyer Ministries Religion & Spirituality
JTS.TV – Just The Story Internet TV
Juice Photos & Video
Jupiter Broadcasting on Roku Internet TV
K-LOVE Radio Religion & Spirituality
Kanter Health Network Special Interest
Kaplan College Prep Kids & Family
Karaoke Party On Demand Free Music
Kdrama International
Kenneth Copeland Ministries Religion & Spirituality
Key TV Travel
Keys to Kingdom Living Religion & Spirituality
Kids Food Kids & Family
Kino Lorber Movies & TV
Kitten Saver Screensavers & Apps
Koi TV Special Interest
Koldcast TV Internet TV
Kontakt TV Internet TV
Kosher Food Food
Kosher Metal Music
Kung-Fu Theater Movies & TV
KVTV Religion & Spirituality
KXLY 4 News & Weather
Lacrosse Drills & Tips Library Sports
Legacy Christian Church Religion & Spirituality
Letter Mix – King James Religion & Spirituality
Liberty Bell Radio Special Interest
Liberty News Radio Special Interest
Life & Health Network Religion & Spirituality
Life Church Channel Religion & Spirituality
Life Television Free Religion & Spirituality
LifeChurch STL Religion & Spirituality Religion & Spirituality
LifeLink Religion & Spirituality Internet TV
lifepointe Religion & Spirituality
Lifestyle Magazine Special Interest
LifeToday Religion & Spirituality
Liquidation Channel Special Interest
Little Light Studios TV Religion & Spirituality
Live365 Music
Livestream Internet TV
Living Witness Television Religion & Spirituality
Living Word Family Church Religion & Spirituality
LMP TV Fitness & Outdoors
Looking Glass Movies & TV Special Interest
Lottery App Screensavers & Apps
LRBN Religion & Spirituality
Lutheran Youth Network Religion & Spirituality
Mad Coder TV Special Interest
Maija Free Movies & TV
MainSqueeze Music
Make Money Online Network Special Interest
Manga Movies & TV
Marine BizTV Travel
MascotInsider Sports
Math Flash Kids & Family
Maximum Change TV Special Interest
McLean Bible Church Religion & Spirituality
MDTV, Medical News Now Inc. Fitness & Outdoors
Media Blasters Movies & TV
Media Fusion Religion & Spirituality
Meet the Startup Internet TV
Mercy Street Religion & Spirituality Free Religion & Spirituality
MetaTube – English Internet TV
MetaTube – Español Internet TV
Mexican Food Food
MHz Networks News & Weather
Midnight Pulp Movies & TV
Mieux Vivre International
Mike Webb Religion & Spirituality
MileSplit Sports
Miracles Time TV Religion & Spirituality
MissionTV Religion & Spirituality
MIT OpenCourseware Unofficial Science & Technology
Momversation Kids & Family
Moonlight Movies Movies & TV
More Quotes from Shakespeare Screensavers & Apps
Mormon Channel Religion & Spirituality
MorningStar TV Religion & Spirituality
MotorSportWorld Sports
Motorz Internet TV
Movie Vault Movies & TV
Moviefone Movies & TV
Moving Art Movies & TV
MOX Music
Musiclouds Music
Muslim Television Ahmadiyya Religion & Spirituality
MY Combat Channel Sports
My Damn Channel Internet TV
My King’s TV Religion & Spirituality
My Prayer Channel Religion & Spirituality
My Prayer Channel Religion & Spirituality
MYLAKETV.COM Public Travel
MyMedia Photos & Video
MyMedia Music
MyMiamiValley Religion & Spirituality
Myx TV Movies & TV
NAMS Network Religion & Spirituality
NASA Edge Science & Technology
NASA TV Science & Technology
Nashville Broadcasting Network Music
Nature Window TV Screensavers & Apps
Nature Window TV Lite Screensavers & Apps
NBC News News & Weather
NetFit Free Fitness & Outdoors
New Beginning TV Network Religion & Spirituality
New England Outback Network Fitness & Outdoors
New Hope Today Religion & Spirituality
New Orleans Television Travel
Newgrounds Internet TV
NewLiberiaFM Music
Newman Connection Religion & Spirituality
News 3 – Channel 3000 News & Weather
News 8 News & Weather
NewsLook News & Weather
Newsmax TV News & Weather
Newsy News & Weather
NFB Films Movies & TV
Nissan Communications Internet TV
No Agenda Show and Stream News & Weather
North Point Online Religion & Spirituality
North.Jackson Baptist.Church Religion & Spirituality
Northland Church Religion & Spirituality
Northwest Church Religion & Spirituality
Nowhere Cast Internet TV
Nowhere Headlines Screensavers & Apps
NowThisNews News & Weather
NRA Life of Duty Special Interest
NRB Network Religion & Spirituality
NTD Television News & Weather
NTD Television English News & Weather
Nuclear Blast Music
Oak Hills Church Religion & Spirituality
Oasis Church Religion & Spirituality
Oh The Horror! Movies & TV
Old Time Radio Network Movies & TV
Omniverse TV Live Fitness & Outdoors
On Spirit Religion & Spirituality
On the Mike Music
One Nation Special Interest
Onelink TV Network Internet TV
Openfilm Internet TV
Ora TV Internet TV
Oracle Broadcasting Network Special Interest
Oregon Beaches Screensavers & Apps
Ouroborealis Screensavers & Apps
Outer Banks TV Travel
OVCN live Religion & Spirituality
OVGuide Movies & TV
Oxford Bible Church Religion & Spirituality
Paranormal Reality Movies & TV
Paranormal Reality Free Zone Movies & TV
Pastor Chris Channel Religion & Spirituality
PAX Religion & Spirituality
PBS Movies & TV
PBS Kids Movies & TV
PEBN Religion & Spirituality
PEBN Partner Religion & Spirituality
PEG.TV Internet TV
Peralta TV Internet TV
Peregrine Dame Internet TV
PFM Family TV Religion & Spirituality
Phanfare Photos & Video
Picasa Web Albums Screensaver Screensavers & Apps
PlatinumGroovesRadio Music
Playlist Music
PlayTo Photos & Video
PLEX Movies & TV
PogieJoeTV Internet TV
PoloTV Music
Pop Flix Classic Movies Movies & TV
Pop Flix Classic TV Movies & TV
Portico Movies & TV
Positive Peak Radio & TV Music
Post-It News Screensavers & Apps
Praizevision TV Religion & Spirituality
Preach The Word Worldwide TV Religion & Spirituality
Premiere Movies & TV
Presbyterian Churches Religion & Spirituality
PRESTO Screensavers & Apps
Pride Player Special Interest
Prime TV Network Movies & TV
Princeton TV Movies & TV
Pro Bono Special Interest
PRO Classic TV Movies & TV
Pro Football Stats Screensavers & Apps
ProMed Network Special Interest
Prophetic Destiny TV Religion & Spirituality
Proud Television Special Interest
Psalm Expressions Religion & Spirituality
Pub-D-Hub Movies & TV
Puppy Saver Screensavers & Apps
Pure Passion Religion & Spirituality
Quotes from Shakespeare Screensavers & Apps
QVC TV Special Interest
Radar Gaming Science & Technology
Radio Paradise Music
Radio Rock Music
Radio Vida en Abundancia Religion & Spirituality
RealPlayer Cloud Photos & Video
Recipe.TV Food
Red Rocks Church Religion & Spirituality
Reddit Special Interest
Redemption Television Religion & Spirituality
Refining Fire Network Religion & Spirituality
Reigning in Life Religion & Spirituality
ReLive Religion & Spirituality
Renderyard Movies & TV
Retro Soul Radio Music
Revelation TV Religion & Spirituality
Revision3 Science & Technology
Revival is Here TV Network Religion & Spirituality
REVtv Religion & Spirituality
RHEMA Religion & Spirituality
Rhema Word Television Religion & Spirituality
Right Network Internet TV
River of Life Religion & Spirituality TV Internet TV
roConnect Photos & Video
Rokthat Cheer & Dance Network Fitness & Outdoors
Roku Newscaster News & Weather
roopstigo Sports
Rosetta Bryson TV Religion & Spirituality
Roxwel Music
Roy on Rescue Special Interest
RT News & Weather
RUNWAY TV Free Special Interest
Rustavi 2 International
RV News Net Fitness & Outdoors
Saddle Up! Westerns Movies & TV
Sahara TV International
Sail TV Sports
SCCtv Internet TV
ScreamSaver Screensavers & Apps
Screened Internet TV
ScreenShades Screensavers & Apps
SDR News Science & Technology
Seattle Community Media Internet TV
Seattle Sounders Football Club Sports
SEC Digital Network Sports
SENIOR CARE TV Special Interest
Septic Radio Special Interest Religion & Spirituality
Seventh-day Adventist TV Religion & Spirituality
Shalom Television Channel Religion & Spirituality
Shalom TV Religion & Spirituality
Shark Player Music
Shear TV Special Interest
Shiloh Ministries Religion & Spirituality
Shock Radio! Special Interest
ShopHQ Internet TV
Shortz Film Festival Internet TV
SHOUTcast Internet Radio Music
Showtime Preview Movies & TV
Shutterfly Photos & Video
Sidetick TV Movies & TV
Silent Era Films Movies & TV
Simply Vegetarian Food
Skate Life Internet TV
SkinnyStork Special Interest
SKOGG System Fitness & Outdoors
SKOPE Screensavers & Apps
Sky News News & Weather
SkyEagle Tv Religion & Spirituality
SkyZoneHD Internet TV
SkyZoneHD Sports
Slacker Music
Sleep Diet Fitness & Outdoors
Smithsonian Channel Movies & TV
SmugMug Photos & Video
SnagFilms Watch Free Movies Movies & TV
Soccer Drills & Tips Library Sports
Soccer Drills & Tips Lite Sports
SocialKast Photos & Video
Softball Drills & Tips Library Sports
Softball Drills & Tips Lite Sports
SomaFM Music
SonLife Broadcasting Network Religion & Spirituality
Sorted Food Food
Soulful Praise Religion & Spirituality
Sound Reason Religion & Spirituality
SoundWorks Collection Movies & TV
SoundWorks Collection Music
Southern Baptist Churches Religion & Spirituality
Space Saver Screensavers & Apps
Spacevidcast Science & Technology
SpeakFaith.TV Religion & Spirituality
Sportfishing with Dan Sports
Sports by blinkx Sports
Sportskool Endurance Sports Fitness & Outdoors
Sportskool Extreme Sports Fitness & Outdoors
Sportskool Fitness Fitness & Outdoors
Sportskool Golf Sports
Sportskool Team Sports Sports
Sportskool Women’s Sports Sports
Sportskool Yoga Fitness & Outdoors
Stock Watch Screensavers & Apps
Straight Ministry Heat Religion & Spirituality
Stream N’ Shop Special Interest
Streamin’ Garage Internet TV Religion & Spirituality
Stuck In Customs Photos & Video
StuffWeLike Science & Technology
Style Music TV Special Interest
SubsonicTV LITE Music
Superman Classics Kids & Family
SuspectTV Special Interest
Syfy Movies & TV
tagesschau International
Target Ticket Movies & TV
TastyTrade Internet TV
TBN Networks TV Religion & Spirituality
TCT Ministries Broadcasts Religion & Spirituality
Tech Podcasts Network Science & Technology Internet TV
TEDTalks Science & Technology
Telos Fitness & Outdoors
Tennis Drills & Tips Library Sports
Tennis Drills & Tips Lite Sports
THABN Channel Religion & Spirituality
Thai Food Food
The Adventist Channel Religion & Spirituality
The Artistic Blog Photos & Video
The Autism Channel Kids & Family
The Bold and The Beautiful Movies & TV
The BW Kids & Family
The Chapel Religion & Spirituality
The Church of the Resurrection Religion & Spirituality
The Church On The Way Religion & Spirituality
The Coin Vault Special Interest
The Cooking Channel Food
The Creators Project Special Interest
The Crossing Religion & Spirituality
The Derek and Rob X-Perience Movies & TV
The Director’s Chair Movies & TV
The Economist Radio Beta News & Weather
The First Aid Show Internet TV
The Gathering Church Religion & Spirituality
the Gospel Religion & Spirituality
The Highway Girl Music
The Holy Bible Religion & Spirituality
The House of Yahweh Religion & Spirituality
The Impact Network Religion & Spirituality
The Jack Blood Show Special Interest
The Jay At Maverick’s Sports
The Jesus Only Network! Religion & Spirituality
The MacGuffin Internet TV
The Man Channel Movies & TV
The ME Network Music
The Messianic Channel Religion & Spirituality
The Motley Fool News & Weather
The Occult Network Channel Special Interest
The Ocean Network Movies & TV
The Onion Headline Screensaver Screensavers & Apps
The Original G.A.S. Station Music
The Outdoor Cooking Channel Food
The Patrick Phillips Show Movies & TV
The Plastic Surgery Channel Special Interest
The Refuge Religion & Spirituality
The Refuge Religion & Spirituality
The Resistance Religion & Spirituality
The Ringtone Channel. Special Interest
The Rise To The Top Special Interest
The Rutgers Channel Internet TV
The Sound of Unity Religion & Spirituality
The Spirit International Sports
The Story Religion & Spirituality
The Story of Liberty Religion & Spirituality
The Story of Liberty Lite Religion & Spirituality
The STREAM TV Movies & TV
The Streaming Bible Religion & Spirituality
The Street News & Weather
The Tech Buzz Network Science & Technology
The Traveling Twosome Channel Internet TV
The Valley Girl Science & Technology
The Word Network Religion & Spirituality
The X Factor Movies & TV
The Yachting Channel Special Interest
TheBlaze TV Movies & TV
theDove TV & Radio Religion & Spirituality
theDoveNewsRoom News & Weather
TheLiptv Internet TV
TheNewContent Music
Theories Radio Special Interest
theSURFnetwork Sports
Threshold Plus Movies & TV
Tides App Screensavers & Apps
Timeless Toons Kids & Family
Tips on Healthy Living Fitness & Outdoors
Tips on Life & Love Special Interest
TMP Outdoors Fitness & Outdoors
TMZ Movies & TV
TNA OnDemand Sports
Todays Daily App Screensavers & Apps
Todocast Special Interest
Tomorrow’s World Religion & Spirituality
Toon Goggles Kids & Family
TopicUFO Special Interest
Touching Lives Religion & Spirituality
Transforming Truth Religion & Spirituality
Travel With Kids Travel
Trigger Talk TV Special Interest
Trinity Fellowship Religion & Spirituality
Trinity Fellowship Free Religion & Spirituality
TripSmart Travel
True Screensaver Screensavers & Apps
Truth For The World Religion & Spirituality
TuneIn Radio Music
TurboDJ Music
TV Guide Movies & TV
TV Imedi International
TV Imedi News & Weather
TV3 3player Movies & TV
TVNweather On Demand Science & Technology
TWiT Internet TV
TWiT Science & Technology
Twonky Internet TV
TYT Network News & Weather
UANetwork TV Religion & Spirituality
UCTV – UC Television Internet TV
Uinterview Internet TV
Ultra Radio Mexico Music
Ultra Television Mexico Internet TV
United Methodist Church Religion & Spirituality
Universal Torah Network Religion & Spirituality
Unlocking Truth Religion & Spirituality
USAC Racing TV Sports
USB Media Player Music
USB Screen Saver Screensavers & Apps
Vajra Buddhist TV Religion & Spirituality
Vallejo FM Music
Vanguard Cinema Movies & TV
VAPE Screensavers & Apps
VARE Special Interest
Vegas Video Network Internet TV
Veria Living Go Fitness & Outdoors
vevo Movies & TV
Viaway -TV, Films, Video Radio Internet TV
Viaway -TV, Films, Video Radio Movies & TV on Roku Special Interest
Victory Television Network Religion & Spirituality
Victory World Church Religion & Spirituality
Viewster Movies & TV
Vimeo Photos & Video
Vineyard Religion & Spirituality
Vision of Truth Religion & Spirituality
Visit Myrtle Beach, SC Travel
Vue America Religion & Spirituality
Wall Street Journal Live News & Weather
War Games with Miniatures Special Interest
Warren Miller Sports
Watchmen Broadcasting Religion & Spirituality
WatchMojo Internet TV
Water of Life Religion & Spirituality
WealthTV Internet TV
WealthTV 3D Internet TV
WealthTV FreeView Movies & TV
Weather Underground News & Weather
WeatherNationTV News & Weather
WebCam-One Screensavers & Apps
Weiner Ministries Religion & Spirituality
Welcome to Grace Religion & Spirituality
Westside Family Church Religion & Spirituality
White House Video Stream News & Weather
WildADRENALINE Fitness & Outdoors
WildCommTV Fitness & Outdoors
WillowCreek Fellowship Religion & Spirituality
Wired Outdoors Fitness & Outdoors
WLSG Religion & Spirituality
WNWP-TV Internet TV
Women’s Bible Study Religion & Spirituality
Woodland Hills Church Religion & Spirituality
wordcast Religion & Spirituality
World War Channel Movies & TV
World Worth Watching Movies & TV
World’s Fastest Car Show Internet TV
Worldview Weekend Tube & Radio Religion & Spirituality
WSCS Sheboygan Special Interest
WTHR News & Weather
WZC Religion & Spirituality
XOS College Sports Sports
XPMEDIA.COM Religion & Spirituality
Xtreme Films Movies & TV
Y-cam HomeMonitor Internet TV
Yallwire Music
YogaVibes Fitness & Outdoors
Your Now Network Religion & Spirituality
Zions Direct TV News & Weather
ZoeStream Network Religion & Spirituality
Zola Levitt Ministries Religion & Spirituality
Zom-Bee Movies & TV
ZoneOutTV Photos & Video
Zoovio Photos & Video


  • Jeffry

    Great list of channels. Have to love the Roku platform for all the free content available! Guess that’s why it’s the number one selling streamer right now.

  • Rex

    Where’s the channel codes?

  • Alex

    Are local news channels available? I don’t see much for the sports fans. Can games be watched in real time?

  • danette

    Hello, is there a list for cananda? if it sucks how can we watch us channels?

  • Maria Town

    Yoga vibes is a teaser, short clips, no real videos. Must pay for yoga vibes.

  • confusetotally

    I found it is very confusing to use Roku. There is no instructions and nowhere it clearly specify the channels are free. In addition, they got your credit card and ready to charge you when you made a wrong move.

    • Free Roku Channels

      It might take a little bit of getting used to but I wouldn’t call it very confusing. What aspect are you stuck on? When it comes to the channel store, and accidental purchases; you can set it so that a PIN is required to make purchases.

  • James England

    My wife and I was looking at ROKU, and we would like to know do we need an outside TV antenna for it to work on our TV. Can you also send us some information about your service.
    Thank You
    James England
    26410 Welch Lane
    Splendora Texas, 77372

    • Tomas Negron

      No, you do not need an outside antenna, but you do need high-speed internet service. If you are thinking of going cable-free or satelite-free, then you’ll need an antenna to pick up your local channels. The vast majority of the free stations offer old movies or TV shows. However, a subscription to Netflix will get you just about anything you need as far as recent movies and TV episodes. They also have original programming. Hope this helps.

  • Is this worth getting? Is there a catch somewhere? I’d just like more info b4 I purchase the box. Thanks

  • DasKracken

    The Director’s Chair channel may be free, but every movie cost 99 cents. Unless I am missing something.

  • Sapphire

    I would like to know if there are any wrestling channels! I see nothing here and the on the net are only clips and teasers. I quit cable and only get OTA and my daughter is missing her wrestling (tv is her only friend cuz she is multiply handicapped and has no real friends).

  • Debbie Austi

    I can’t make heads or tails out of this Roku…
    It says over 1500 free channels… but I rarely recognize a station I am familiar with! For example: TCM, truTV, AMC, the History Channel, A&E, Ovation, Investigation Discovery (I watch this channel a lot!), ION (E) & ION (W), TLC, TNT, WGN….
    Also, what about the regular local/standard channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX?
    None of the channels I see on roku’s list says what kind of shows they broadcast either like old movies (1939 to 1970), western shows like Bonanza, family shows like Cosby or Everbody Loves Raymond…
    Come on…help us out …

    • Jan

      You can cast most TV show episodes from an Android phone or tablet with R-Cast. Not perfect, but it works for channels that require a cable subscription or only have teasers.

    • Michael

      I see people on every forum asking about local channels on roku. It’s very sinple us an antenna for your local and Roku for other stuff.. In most areas antennas will get you well over 20 channels.

  • Good day! I simply want to give you a huge thumbs
    up for the great information you have got right here on this post.
    I’ll be coming back to your site for more soon.

  • Shawna

    Are there any movie channels and TV channels that are absolutely free without subscriptions and full length? Pretty new material?

  • eli

    Tahoe Network TV is free on Roku by using this Roku code

    TNTV continues to offer you more classic tv and the best in independent tv programming. TNTV can now be viewed with your mobile device on Apple iPhone, iPads and also includes the popular Android.

  • hadh hdashda

    cloud movies isnt free

  • Mike Richey

    When going to the Channel Store, I find only a small fraction of the above “free channels” listed. Am I doing something wrong, and if so, can anyone give me a tutorial? Thanks!

  • Woody Autumn

    Cinematio is not free. $2.99/month subscription.

  • Theres another free one, It would be under the category of religion and spirituality. Its excellent, i recommend the childrens caleb and sophia videos

  • peggy

    roku is a great thing!! the roku unit itself cost me 30 bucks on ebay nothing else to buy. you do need quality internet service or streaming will be glitchy. i also get netfix for a shy 8 bucks a month much nicer than the 98 bucks i was spending on sat tv. there are lots of choices on roku i get the local educational channel utube vivo pandora radio and tons more. many of the movies are B rated but for my needs just fine. many local stations live stream so you need to update available channels often. many channels require signing in the first time. i was where i had to steamline my expenses and at first i missed reg tv a bit but a few months later not so much just keep searching youll find a channel of interst. my son likes the hunting/fishing programs yes they have ads for tackle ect but no more than reg tv does. and if it really isnt a good fit for you your only out 30 to 150 bucks sepending on the unit you get,

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