Free Roku Channels

Free Roku Channels

Welcome to Free Roku Channels

The Roku is the latest technology focused on digital media streaming. The company Roku has been around for awhile but has just recently been gaining significant impact into the digital media device market. Currently, it’s main competitors are Apple TV and Google TV however neither currently offer the same amount of content that the Roku provides.

As proud Roku owners, it is our goal to share information we find related to the Roku Streaming Media player. That includes Roku video game channels, official Roku channels, and private Roku channels. Our main focus is on free Roku channels because everyone loves free things.

Our site has just launched and is still in it’s growth phase so make sure to check back often as we will be posting new content all the time. If you have a Roku and would like to help contribute, you have a couple of options. You can either leave a reply using our discussion boxes found at the end of each post. Or, if you prefer; you can also sign up to become a writer. If interested, check out our become a writer page for full details.

To get you started, here are a couple of our favorite free Roku channels.

Crackle Roku Channel

Crackle is the closest thing to Netflix that you will find. It is 100% however it does show ad’s before and during movies or tv shows. Before you dismiss it, we should mention that the ads are actually very short and don’t interfere too much with what you are watching. If you cannot stand seeing the advertisements, you can always subscribe however it would then no longer be free.

TED Roku Channel

The TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) channel is an awesome channel to have. It is updated almost daily and has a huge archive of talks and presentations to view. The topics cover just about everything that exists so you should be able to find something that catches your interest. It is nice to watch now and then because some talks are short and some are long so you can choose what to watch based on how much free time you have. The best part about the TED Roku channel is that is is completely free and doesn’t have any advertisements at all.

Roku Private Channels

A lot of our favorite free channels are not found in the official Roku channel store. They are actually Roku Private Channels which is the name for a channel that is not currently available in the Roku channel store. We will definitely focus on these in future posts but they deserve a proper introduction first. Currently, you can check out the Roku Private Channels website to get more information on what they are and also access a complete list of Roku Private Channels.

More to come

Thanks for checking out our site. For now, enjoy the suggestions above and hopefully you can find some channels that you like. You can also follow us on twitter, or add us on Facebook. We hope you enjoy our site.


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  • manuel longoria

    I’m new to Roku, so please help me understand some of the terminology and Rokus
    problems,(FAQs). I don’t have “high speed” internet. How does this effect the reception of the player? Why do the player freeze? We were having a bit of a stormy day….does this have an effect?
    Do I have to register for each channel that i add?
    Thanks from a novice member

    • Free Roku Channels

      Hi Manuel:

      If you do not have high-speed internet, it will greatly affect the video playback on your Roku. Roku works by streaming media from the internet and therefore a slow speed connection will cause lots of delays while the video loads. Are you on dial up or what is your speed; you might be able to still use Roku.

      The older Roku models (versions prior to Roku 3 which was released in March 2013) can sometimes freeze up due to having a large number of channels. You can try inserting a micro SD card if your Roku supports it to help with this.

      Most channels that require registration are subscription based. There are plenty of free Roku channels that do not require any registration at all.

      Hope this helps,
      Free Roku Channels

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