List of free Roku channels 2013

Free Roku Channels

Everyday, people are making the switch from the old cable TV standard to the new digital media streaming world. A big reason is that cable TV is expensive and people find themselves watching only a couple shows a week.

There are plenty of free Roku channels which make the Roku an ideal choice for people who are interested in getting rid of their cable TV service. No matter what type of shows you like, there should be some type of free content available in the Roku channel store. You can easily get started by just clicking on channels and checking to see if they are listed as paid, or free. Just make sure to check if there is any indication that subscriptions fees might be required.

Free Roku Channels

Sometimes, you will need to find special codes to install channels. These are known as Roku private channels and they are typically free because they are not yet official and therefore can be removed by Roku. Usually, a private channel will either become an official Roku channel or sometimes (not too often) they will get removed.

This website is dedicated to finding and sharing free Roku channels with owner and soon to be owners of Roku streaming media players. To get you started, these are the most popular categories.

  • Free Roku Movie Channels
  • Free Roku TV Channels
  • Free Roku Radio Channels

Every week, there is new Roku channels being added to the channel store. Many of these new channels are completely free. If you don’t have time to always be checking the channel store, there are some good websites which post the newly released channels every week. This is a good way to find new channels to add and will save you time checking the store daily.

If you know of any free Roku channels that you feel should be mentioned on this website, please share the channel with us and we will be sure to check it out and review it.


  1. Ronnie G Brundage's Gravatar Ronnie G Brundage
    July 3, 2013    

    Roku Free movies

  2. Bill Morrison's Gravatar Bill Morrison
    July 14, 2013    

    Will Roku be getting A&E chanell

    • alan's Gravatar alan
      August 11, 2013    

      only if you learn how to spell

  3. Larry Knowles's Gravatar Larry Knowles
    August 24, 2013    

    What are the ACTUAL free channels that come with Roku ? They boast 750.

  4. Annie's Gravatar Annie
    August 25, 2013    

    I can’t find the free channels for Roku on the Internet so I’mnot sure if I want to purchase. Instead I get adds for Netflix which I already have and some channels I am not interested. Does it have EWTN (Eternal Word television network) or the Hustory Channel?

    Where can I find the list of free channels?

    Is there something like on-demand?

    Thank you!


  5. debbie's Gravatar debbie
    August 29, 2013    

    can I get local tv stations

  6. Darlene's Gravatar Darlene
    September 14, 2013    

    The article mentions many are switching to RoKu due to expensive cable bills. This is as new as cable was once new. I’m considering switching to Roku as well since my television isn’t a Smart TV. My understanding is the Roku device will help me on my way to that switch. I hope in the near future Roku and other added features such as, Netflix, and Hulu Plus will not become as expensive as cable has. Today I checked with Best Buy and they explained everything to me about Roku. They carry the Roku product and I’m excited about it.

  7. Kitty's Gravatar Kitty
    September 28, 2013    

    I just purchased Roku3 and glad that I bought it at Cotsco because they apparently have an exclusive arrangement to include an HDMI cable. All for $95. Sweet deal.

    I too am searching for a decent, and recent list of channels that are truly FREE. It’s nice having the offer of 30 days free trial but then you have to be self disciplined enough to say no if it’s not in your budget. Still…I’ve been “cable free” for a long time now and I love staying up all night channel surfing. And the grandsons love the free Angry Birds-Space that was included.

    • Free Roku Channels's Gravatar Free Roku Channels
      September 28, 2013    

      Hi Kitty:

      That is a good deal one the Roku 3.

      In the past, I have been posting individual posts for each free Roku channel but I can certainly put together one big list.

      Glad to hear that you and the grandsons are enjoying the Roku.

      Take care,
      Free Roku Channels

  8. Ruth Gardner's Gravatar Ruth Gardner
    October 11, 2013    

    Would love to have a current actual list of free channels – not just the general blurp that says they are available. So far I have not found this service very user friendly, but I do enjoy Netflixs and Pandora.

    • Free Roku Channels's Gravatar Free Roku Channels
      October 17, 2013    

      Hi Ruth:

      Thank you for your message. We are happy to let you know that a list of free Roku channels has been added to the site. If you find that there are any mistakes where a non-free channel is on the list; please let us know.

      The list of free Roku channels can be found here


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