List of free Roku channels 2013

Roku Announces IPO

Roku Channel Store

News has been going around that Roku is in talks of releasing an Initial Public Offering (IPO) which means you may be seeing it appear on the stock market. I am no expert on the stock market but I am definitely excited to see this considering it is Roku. There is no doubt in my […]

Roku TV Builds Roku Into TV Sets


While TV’s keep getting bigger in size, the Roku keeps getting smaller! When looking at the Roku streaming stick, it appears that the Roku cannot get any smaller. Well, that is no longer true! At the 2014 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, a TV was shown running Roku however no Roku device could […]

The Best of Roku in 2013

Roku 2013 New Years Eve

What an exciting year it has been. This year, we have seen the Roku 3, come out early in the year and then two new devices (Roku 1 and Roku 2) later in the summer. There have been hundreds of new channels released with an average of at least one per day and that number […]

Official YouTube Roku Channel Release...

Official YouTube Roku Channel Released

If you have been following Roku on twitter, you will have seen the news that there is now an official YouTube Roku channel available for download. Currently, it can only be downloaded and installed on Roku 3 devices. Hopefully, the YouTube channel is released for the Roku 1 and Roku 2 devices as well as […]

Get news on Roku with NHK World News ...

NHK Roku Channel

One of my favorite news channels for the Roku is NHK world news. It’s full name is in Japanese but the english name if any is Japanese Broadcasting Corporation. Unlike most Roku channels, the NHK World News Roku channel is a live stream which means it’s programs adhere to a set schedule. The good part […]

A Roku Channel For Everyone

SmartMan Roku Channel

The last couple of weeks have been crazy in terms of new Roku channels being released. One company called Future Today Inc. has recently created five channels each aimed at a specific target. This means that there is truly a Roku channel for everyone in your household. The new channels are: SmartMan SmartWoman SmartSenior TeenGals […]

Free Roku Screensavers

Roku Fireplace Channel

Unlike most devices, the does not have a power button and is always in the powered on state. The power draw is so little that it won’t have much of an affect on your electricity usage by leaving it running all the time. Up until recently, there has been very few screensavers for the Roku. […]

Tasty Trade Roku Channel

tastytrade Roku channel

Looking for hot stock tips? Get stock trading tips right on your Roku with the Tasty Trade Roku channel. Whether you are a newbie when it comes to stock trading or a seasoned veteran; the Tasty Trade roku channel is a wealth of information. Even though Tasty Trade is considered a Roku “channel” it is […]

Find out what your Roku is missing

Roku Plex

If you own a Roku, and have a computer; you need to get PLEX setup. By combining your Roku player with the PLEX Media Server, you unlock all sorts of potential features that are not available by default. For starters, PLEX by itself will let you stream music, pictures, and videos from a computer in […]

List of Free Roku Channels

Free Roku Channels

After receiving numerous requests, we are happy to announce the release of a current list of Free Roku Channels. The channels listed below have not been tested in every region, however they are available in the United States of America. If you find that a channel on this list is not free, please let us […]

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